March 25, 2020

Office Opening:

For now, accounting firms are considered as essential services as outlined by the recent Ontario pronouncements.  We continue to have almost all of our staff working from home so that our employees and clients reduce their physical interaction with others.   In order to ensure that we can service our clients efficiently, we will be accepting packages at the office from 9am to 5pm on Monday to Friday.  This will ensure that the we can receive your materials and do the work.  We will also continue to send out courier packages to you as needed.

Our preferred method of document transmission remains our Sharefile upload system (click here to find a list of links to upload documents to the partner that you’re working with).  If that is not convenient for you, the documents can be dropped off at the office.

Note that we will continue our policy of not having meetings at the office.

Timing of Work:

Please send us your tax documents as soon as possible.  While extensions to some filing dates have been granted, we recommend that we prepare the returns now so that your tax situation is not affected by any further delays.

Payment Options:

We wanted to outline the payment options that are available to you in the event that mailing or delivering a cheque is not convenient to you.

Credit Card Payments:  This can be made through our website.  Please click on this link to make a credit card payment:

Interact Transfer:  Please send any E-Transfers to and please include your name and invoice number in the email submission.

Wire Transfers: The wire transfer instructions are as follows:

Bank of Nova Scotia  Transit#: 87866.  Bank code#: 002.  Swift Code#: NOSCCATT

CDN$ Bank Account:

Account # 87866 03444 19

US$ Bank Account:

87866 02200 19

ABA# 026002532

If you have any questions, please contact the partner that handles your work.

The Partners of Kraft Berger LLP