U.S. Canadian Personal Tax Returns

Addressing the Needs of Canadian Individuals Working in the U.S. and U.S. Citizens Living in Canada

Cross-border tax

The cross-border tax team provides services to Canadian individuals who work or conduct business in the U.S. and conversely U.S. citizens who reside, work, or conduct business in Canada. We also advise on issues associated with immigrating to Canada and emigrating from Canada, and ensure that individuals are in compliance with the appropriate tax authorities as a result of a change in residence.

Cross-border tax consultation

For American citizens living in Canada, we ensure that, along with their Canadian tax return, their U.S. federal and state returns are filed in compliance with U.S. tax regulations. Our cross-border tax team also provides tax consulting services for individuals in Canada who work or conduct business in the U.S. to ensure that they are in compliance with U.S. federal and state tax laws. We have extensive experience in assisting cross border athletes, entertainers and executives.