Addressing Industry-Specific Tax and Accounting Needs for our Construction Clients

An audit or review of a company’s financial statements provides useful information in order to better prepare owners and managers for communications with the users of their financial statements. A well-conducted audit can also offer valuable information to owner-managers through the identification of material weaknesses, which can help improve operating efficiencies. Our accounting and assurance group draws upon a breadth of knowledge across various industries to ensure that the audit or review is appropriately tailored to the client’s business.

Meeting deadlines with top quality work

We value the importance of performing quality work and delivering a quality product to our clients. The firm has measures in place to ensure that financial statements are in compliance with the latest standards of the appropriate regulatory bodies as well as the firm’s internal set of standards, which have been developed based on our clients’ expectations.

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and ensuring an open flow of communication with our clients. For this reason, the audit is a year-round process, which involves the planning stage, performance stage, completion stage and continual correspondence throughout the year.


Our audit and review engagement teams

Our audit and review engagement teams are comprised of professionals at the appropriate levels of expertise and experience to ensure that we perform quality work in an efficient manner. The engagement teams are selected for each client based on the company’s specific industry and inherent level of complexity. We meet the highest standards of professionalism, independence and integrity.