Bookkeeping & Payroll Made Easy

Managing your business’ growth path is no easy task. In order to scale, your business can leverage technology to automate and streamline time-intensive administrative tasks.

With Kraft Berger’s Cloud Accounting Service, our goal is unlock your business’ potential to focus on delivering for your customers by removing the stress of managing your back-office bookkeeping, payroll and other CRA compliance-related tasks.




Outsourced Bookkeeping

Full-service bookkeeping services, HST filing, and business reporting

Outsourced Payroll

Pay your staff, Manage CRA Remittances, WSIB, EHT, ROE’s & T4 preparation

Accounting Solution & Payroll Setup

Convert data from desktop systems, integrate apps and train your team

Bookkeeping Catch-up

Falling behind on your books? Our team will help you get caught-up

Bookkeeping Clean-up

Comprehensive role-based training on the full-accounting cycle

Bookkeeping & Payroll Training

Are your books a mess? Let one of our accounting professionals go to work to diagnose the situation